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VXA1028 - ALTERNATOR 95A 12V Citroen Evasion, Jumper, Xantia, XM, Xsara, ZX, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot 306, 405, 406, 605, 806, Boxer, Expert, - 2003, 1.8i - 2.5D-TD

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LDV genuine parts, superior quality utility vehicles spares

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part number:OE: CA 825 IR
BOSCH 0 986 038 791
EAN: 3165141066739
type group:vanfit alternators
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product description:
Voltage [V]: 14.00
Alternator Charge Current [A]: 95.00
Diameter [mm]: 56.50
Number of grooves: 6.00
Pulleys: with multi-belt pulley

Use: BrandModelTypefrom - to- KW -Engine
CITROENEVASION (22, U6)1.802-1996 - 12-199676
CITROENEVASION (22, U6)1.805-1997 - 07-200273LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENEVASION (22, U6)2.006-1994 - 07-200289RFU (XU10J2/C)
CITROENEVASION (22, U6)2.0 Turbo C.T.06-1994 - 07-2002108RGX (XU10J2TE)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.003-1994 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2U)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.5 D03-1994 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.5 D 4x403-2000 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.5 DT 4x410-1996 - 08-199776THZ (DJ5T)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.5 TD03-1994 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.5 TDi12-1996 - 11-200079THX (DJ5TED)
CITROENJUMPER Box (230L)2.5 TDi 4x403-2000 - 11-200079THX (DJ5TED)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.002-1994 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2U)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.0 4x408-1996 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2U)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.5 D08-1994 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.5 D 4x408-1996 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.5 TD08-1994 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.5 TD 4x408-1996 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.5 TDi12-1996 - 11-200079THX (DJ5TED)
CITROENJUMPER Bus (230P)2.5 TDI 4x412-1996 - 11-200079THX (DJ5TED)
CITROENJUMPER Platform/Chassis (230)2.003-1994 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2U)
CITROENJUMPER Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 D03-1994 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
CITROENJUMPER Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 D 4x403-2000 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
CITROENJUMPER Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 TD03-1994 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
CITROENJUMPER Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 TDi12-1996 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
CITROENJUMPER Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 TDi 4x403-2000 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
CITROENXANTIA Break (X1)1.8 i06-1995 - 01-199874LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENXANTIA Break (X2)2.0 i01-1998 - 04-200389RFX (XU10J2C)
CITROENXANTIA (X1)1.6 i03-1993 - 01-199865BFZ (XU5JP)
CITROENXANTIA (X1)1.8 i03-1993 - 01-199874LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENXANTIA (X1)2.003-1993 - 05-199595RFX XU10J2C/Z L3
CITROENXANTIA (X1)2.0 i03-1993 - 01-199889RFX (XU10J2C)
CITROENXANTIA (X1)2.0 i 16V06-1994 - 01-1998110RFT (XU10J4/Z)
CITROENXANTIA (X1)2.0 i 16V03-1993 - 01-1998112RFY (XU10J4/Z)
CITROENXANTIA (X2)1.6 i SX01-1998 - 03-200165BFZ (XU5JP)
CITROENXANTIA (X2)2.0 i01-1998 - 04-200389RFX (XU10J2C)
CITROENXM Break (Y4)2.0 i 16V05-1994 - 10-200097RFV (XU10J4R)
CITROENXM (Y4)2.0 i 16V05-1994 - 10-200097RFV (XU10J4R)
CITROENXSARA Break (N2)1.8 i Aut.10-1997 - 09-200074LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENXSARA Coupe (N0)1.8 i02-1998 - 09-200074LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENXSARA (N1)1.8 i Aut.04-1997 - 09-200074LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENZX Break (N2)1.6 i10-1993 - 10-199765BDY (XU5M), BFZ (XU5JP)
CITROENZX Break (N2)1.8 i10-1993 - 10-199774LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENZX (N2)1.6 i03-1991 - 06-199765BDY (XU5M), BFZ (XU5JP)
CITROENZX (N2)1.8 i07-1992 - 06-199774LFZ (XU7JP)
CITROENZX (N2)1.903-1991 - 06-199793D6E (XU9JA)
CITROENZX (N2)1.9 i03-1991 - 06-199788DKZ (XU9JA)
CITROENZX (N2)2.0 i07-1992 - 06-199789RFX (XU10J2C)
CITROENZX (N2)2.0 i 16V07-1992 - 10-1994112RFY (XU10J4/Z), RFT (XU10J4/Z)
CITROENZX (N2)2.0 i 16V06-1994 - 06-1997110RFT (XU10J4/Z)
FIATDUCATO Box (230_)2.003-1994 - 04-200280RFW
FIATDUCATO Box (244_)2.004-2002 -81RFL
FIATDUCATO Bus (230_)2.0 4x411-1994 - 11-200180RFW
FIATDUCATO Bus (230_)2.0 Panorama/Combinato03-1994 - 04-200280RFW
FIATDUCATO Bus (244_)2.004-2002 -81RFL
FIATDUCATO Platform/Chassis (230_)2.003-1994 - 04-200280RFW
FIATULYSSE (220_)1.8 (220.BB5)05-1997 - 08-200273LFW
FIATULYSSE (220_)2.0 (220.AC5)06-1994 - 08-200289RFU (XU10J2C)
FIATULYSSE (220_)2.0 Turbo (220.AD5)06-1994 - 08-2002108RGX (XU10J2CTE)
LANCIAZETA (22_)2.0 Turbo (220AD5, 220CD5)05-1995 - 09-2002108RGX (XU10J2TE)
PEUGEOT306 (7B, N3, N5)1.8 ST06-1994 - 05-200174LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT306 (7B, N3, N5)2.0 S1606-1994 - 05-2001112RFY (XU10J4Z)
PEUGEOT306 (7B, N3, N5)2.0 S1606-1994 - 05-2001110RFT (XU10J4)
PEUGEOT306 (7B, N3, N5)2.0 ST07-1994 - 05-200189RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT306 Break (7E, N3, N5)1.803-1997 - 04-200274LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT306 Convertible (7D, N3, N5)1.803-1994 - 04-200274LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT306 Convertible (7D, N3, N5)2.003-1994 - 04-200289RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.805-1993 - 05-200174LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)2.0 S1605-1993 - 05-2001112RFY (XU10J4Z)
PEUGEOT306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)2.0 S1606-1994 - 05-2001110RFT (XU10J4)
PEUGEOT306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)2.0 XSi05-1993 - 05-200189RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)1.608-1992 - 10-199565BDZ (XU5M), BFZ (XU5JP), BDY (XU5M3Z), BDY (XU5M2Z)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)1.808-1992 - 10-199574LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)2.008-1992 - 10-199589RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)2.0 16V06-1994 - 10-1995110RFT (XU10J4)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)2.0 MI-1608-1992 - 10-1995112RFY (XU10J4Z)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)2.0 T 16 X408-1992 - 10-1995144RGZ (XU10J4TE/Z)
PEUGEOT405 II (4B)2.0 X408-1992 - 10-199589RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT405 II Break (4E)1.608-1992 - 10-199665BDZ (XU5M), BFZ (XU5JP), BDY (XU5M3Z), BDY (XU5M2Z)
PEUGEOT405 II Break (4E)1.808-1992 - 10-199674LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT405 II Break (4E)2.008-1992 - 10-199689RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT405 II Break (4E)2.0 4x408-1992 - 10-199689RFX (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT405 II Break (4E)2.0 4x408-1992 - 12-1995144RGZ (XU10J4TE/Z)
PEUGEOT406 (8B)1.611-1995 - 05-200465BFZ (XU5JP)
PEUGEOT605 (6B)2.0 16V07-1994 - 09-199997RFV (XU10J4R)
PEUGEOT605 (6B)3.008-1989 - 06-1994147UKZ (ZPJ4/Z), SKZ (ZPJ4/Z)
PEUGEOT605 (6B)3.008-1989 - 06-1994123UFZ (ZPJ), SFZ (ZPJ/Z)
PEUGEOT806 (221)1.807-1995 - 08-200273LFW (XU7JP)
PEUGEOT806 (221)2.006-1994 - 08-200289RFU (XU10J2)
PEUGEOT806 (221)2.0 Turbo06-1994 - 08-2002108RGX (XU10J2TE)
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.0 4x403-1996 - 09-199880
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.0 i06-1994 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2)
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.5 D03-1994 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.5 D 4x407-1999 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.5 DT10-1997 - 11-200162
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.5 TD03-1994 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.5 TDI01-1997 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
PEUGEOTBOXER Box (230L)2.5 TDI 4x407-1999 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.0 i03-1994 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.0 i 4x408-1996 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 D08-1994 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 D 4x407-1996 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 DT10-1997 - 11-200162
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 TD07-1994 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 TD 4x407-1996 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 TDI01-1997 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
PEUGEOTBOXER Bus (230P)2.5 TDI 4x401-1997 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.012-2001 - 04-200281RFL (XU10J2U)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.0 i06-1994 - 04-200280RFW (XU10J2)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 D03-1994 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 D 4x407-1999 - 04-200263T9A (DJ5)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 TD03-1994 - 04-200276T8A (DJ5T)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 TDI01-1997 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
PEUGEOTBOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 TDI 4x407-1999 - 04-200279THX (DJ5TED)
PEUGEOTEXPERT (224)1.810-1996 - 09-200074LFZ (XU7JP)
PEUGEOTEXPERT Box (222)1.810-1996 - 09-200074LFZ (XU7JP)


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