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VXA1016 - ALTERNATOR 95A 12V Ford Transit, LDV Convoy, FSD425 1991-2004

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part number:OE: CA 1317 IR - HC
98VB10K359BA - FORD
0 986 043 141 - BOSCH
type group:vanfit top parts
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product description:
Diameter [mm] 60.00
Voltage [V] 14.00
Alternator Charge Current [A] 95.00
Number of grooves 4.00
Pulleys with multi-belt pulley

Use: BrandModelTypefrom - to- KW -Engine
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 DI (EAL, EAS)06-1994 - 03-2000564HB, 4HC
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 DI (EAL, EAS)06-1994 - 03-2000514FA, 4FB, 4FC, 4FD
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 DI (EAL, EAS)10-1992 - 06-1994634GA
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 DI (EAL, EAS)05-1999 - 03-2000854ED
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 TD (EAL, EAS)06-1994 - 03-2000634GA, 4GB, 4GC, 4GD, 4GE, 4GF
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 TD (EAS)10-1998 - 03-2000554HA, 4HD
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 TD (EAS, EAL)05-1991 - 06-1994744EA
FORDTRANSIT Box (E_ _)2.5 TDI (EAL, EAS)06-1994 - 03-2000744EB, 4EC
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 DI (EBL, ECL, EDS, EDL)07-1994 - 03-2000564HB, 4HC
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 DI (EBL, EDL, EDS, ESL, ESS)08-1997 - 03-2000854ED
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 DI (EBL, EDS, ESL, ESS, EUS)08-1994 - 03-2000514FA, 4FB, 4FC, 4FD
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 TD (EB_, ED_, ES_)08-1994 - 06-2000554HA, 4HD
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 TD (EBL, EDL, EDS, EGL, ESL, ESS, EUS)01-1995 - 03-2000634GA, 4GB, 4GC, 4GD, 4GE, 4GF
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 TD (EBS, EBL, ECL, EDS, EDL, ESS, EUS)10-1992 - 07-1994634GA, 4GB, 4GC
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 TD (ECL, EDL, EDS, ESL, ESS, EUS)07-1994 - 03-2000744EB, 4EC
FORDTRANSIT Bus (E_ _)2.5 TD (ECL, EDS, EDL, EGL, ESS, EUS)09-1991 - 07-1994744EA
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 DI (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)08-1994 - 03-2000564HB, 4HC
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 DI (EML, ENE/L)05-1999 - 03-2000854ED
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 DI (EML/S, ENL/S)08-1994 - 03-2000514FA, 4FB, 4FC, 4FD
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L)09-1991 - 08-1994744EA
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)10-1998 - 07-2000554HA, 4HD
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)11-1992 - 08-1994634GA, 4GB, 4GC
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)08-1994 - 03-2000634GA, 4GB, 4GC, 4GD, 4GE, 4GF
FORDTRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _)2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)08-1994 - 03-2000744EB, 4EC
FORDTRANSIT TOURNEO2.4 D08-1994 - 06-2000554HA
FORDTRANSIT TOURNEO2.5 DI11-1994 - 12-2000564HA, 4HB, 4HC
FORDTRANSIT TOURNEO2.5 DI11-1994 - 12-2000514FA, 4FB, 4FC, 4FD
FORDTRANSIT TOURNEO2.5 TD11-1994 - 12-2000634GA, 4GB, 4GC
FORDTRANSIT TOURNEO2.5 TD04-1998 - 12-2000744EB, 4EC
LDVCONVOY2.5 DI10-1998 - 04-2004564HB
LDVCONVOY2.5 TDI10-1998 - 04-2004744EB


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