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We sell spare parts for vehicles LDV Convoy, LDV 400, DAF 400 with discount

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LDV-parts - genuine spares of British vehicles manufacturer LDV (Leyland-DAF),
type LDV Convoy, LDV 400, DAF 400, LDV 200, DAF 200, LDV Pilot, LDV Sherpa, LDV Maxus ..

VanFit - All commercial vehicles spares - fast moving parts for vehicles up to 3.5t GVW, eg.
   and others ...

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About us
This LDV eshop platform is run by AllCAR - Company CZ ID: 26315980, EU VAT No. CZ26315980.
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Terms and Conditions
Terms of internet commerce is governed by regulations set forth herein, as well as applicable legislation and business practices.

Prices and discounts

All prices are retail prices, in CZK, without VAT.
The prices shown are subject to quantity discounts based on volume collection:
- On a single order of 10 000, - counts 10% discount, over 15 000 - 15%, over 20, 000 - 20% ... etc.

- The monthly collection of:
  15 000 - D1 is counted off 10%
  25 000 -
 D2 counts 20% discount
 35 000, - D3 counts 30% discount on all goods in the next month.
- After registering, users will automatically take the discounts included. Your D status appears after login.
- If the goods referred to in Action "campaign" pays the price for each user.

Payment and Shipping
For orders over 500 EUR- (excluding VAT) * Free Shipping
 applies only to deliveries in the CR

Method of Delivery Price in EUR

Business Package (COD) 20, - excluding VAT
Business Package Slovakia (COD) 30 -

Business Package EU (COD) 50 -

- Cash on delivery  (Business, Professional Package)
Goods are sent to the subscription address of the customer to pay for the takeover of shipping company.
 In this case, the goods are taken as paid. Goods are shipped with all necessary documents.
- Bank transfer
 (payment before the goods)
After ordering the online store generated information needed for payment and the form of proforma invoice sent to your e-mail address.
 After the amount is credited to the account specified on the invoice of goods shipped or ready for personal collection, along with the original deposit and final invoice. If ordered goods after paying the appropriate amount of stock, customers will be consulted on further action. The failure to pay invoices in advance the date the order is canceled.
- Bank transfer
 (payment invoice of the goods)
After sending the order they are immediately dispatched, along with all the necessary documents.
 The payment is the due date of invoice, or by directives signed cooperation agreements.

Business practices
Ordering goods
- Sending the selected goods orders online customer confirms the severity of its orders and agrees with otěmito bchodními conditions.
- If the customer when the order is properly completed e-mail address, it received a copy of the order as a confirmation of receipt of order.
 At first order, the customer will also be registered username and password for future communication, control orders and the state's complaint. If no copy of the order to the e-mail address as soon as possible, please contact us. You can also order goods by phone or e-mail.
- The order is always considered to be binding for both parties, unless agreed otherwise.
- Business Package for Slovakia:
Goods only sent to Slovakia to advance a pre-paid invoice will be sent by e-mail after completing your order.
 To order, please use the currency (EUR transducer in the upper portion of the order).
Delivery of goods
- Goods are normally dispatched within 24 hours if in stock.
 The expedition is a forwarding service DPD, CP, Toptrans or other shippers (or customer). In the case of a rush order, the possibility of a special transport. (Info 602 488 516).
- Zasiletelská company delivers business package the next working day after dispatch.
 In case the addressee Missed a shipment to be picked up at the location specified in the acknowledgment of receipt left by the sender, where the addressee is notified of the deposit of the consignment.
- Goods will be delivered to the billing or mailing address stated in the customer order.
 The dispatch, the customer is notified by e-mail. Delivery will take place on weekdays and during normal. If the consignment is delivered and announced not receive notice of the imposition of a consignment, please contact us.
- Delivery of goods on order are according to the preliminary agreement.
Acceptance of goods and payment
The customer or recipient has an obligation to check the integrity of the container shipment that shows no obvious signs of damage.
 Customers should also check the accuracy of the delivered goods, in case of irregularities refuse to accept the shipment or the carrier to request a service next business day, the problem to consult with the operator.
In case of damage or irregularity after receipt of shipment, the customer must contact us immediately.
Cancel Order
- Cancel Order Buyer
Orders can be canceled by phone or e-mail, if the goods were not shipped.
 In case of late cancellation of an order is entitled to the shipper for damages, especially demonstrable costs associated with shipping.
- Cancel order by the seller
Internet business operator has the right to cancel the order or part thereof:
a) In the event that the goods ordered during the order process ceases to produce or deliver to the Czech market, or to significantly change its price.
 The cancellation of customer orders to be informed. If you already have the value of goods ordered in the reversed order, pay and will have the amount refunded at the earliest possible date.
b) if the purchaser fails to pay within the deadline issued an invoice, or does not remove the goods ordered and sent COD.
 In both cases, the seller is entitled to reimbursement of demonstrable harm, especially forwarding expenses.
Withdrawal from the contract, return of goods
- Goods purchased in the case of normal commercial transactions, sales contracts are governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code.
- For goods purchased through an online store with the conditions governed by the Civil and Commercial Code, according to relevant provisions.

Other arrangements
Warranty and Claims
On all goods offered are full warranty by applicable laws and according to the manufacturer's warranty.
 The warranty period is specified for each product.
Privacy Policy
We appreciate the trust our customers and are committed to protect data that is stored for processing the order.
 This data is not in any way given to a third party, except in cases specified by law. As the operator will use the data for normal communication with the customer.
Responsibility for the accuracy of the data
Please note that information on the web site may contain technical and factual inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be updated without notice.
 We can not absolutely guarantee the accuracy of their content, we are not liable to another party for damages caused by using information from an online store or linked Web sites, unless this information to the customer subsequently confirmed in writing.


The choice of goods
Goods can choose either browsing the catalog, or search by product name eg.
Addition to cart
If you have decided, click on the "Buy" button in the lower right corner in the upper part of data on the basket.
 You can then continue shopping or complete your order in your cart (click on the icon at the top of košíkzu).
Now click on the icon to get to the section where you will complete your order.
 Please check the contents of your cart and select the mode of transport. If you are a registered customer, enter your username (email address) and password before sending the order.When you shop with us first time fill your personal data, address or delivery address (if different) and then submit the order. In return you will receive an order confirmation.

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